Siam Spa 168 Thai Massage

Siam Spa 168
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Welcome to Siam Spa 168 Thai Massage.

We invite you to enjoy a relaxing day at our spa to experience peace and tranquility.

We offer the finest treatments at reasonable prices. Our signature treatment, an Authentic Thai massage, has been a favorite among our clientele. Other popular services include facials, deep tissue massages, Swedish massages, and waxing treatments.

You will be in good hands at our spa. Our professional and friendly staff provide the best possible services in a calm and pleasant atmosphere.

Siam Spa 168 Thai Massage

Siam Spa 168 Thai Massage

Traditional Thai massages have treated people for over 1,000 years and has worked wonders. This ancient healing art helps to achieve a healthy body and a relaxed mind through the healing power of touch.  The massages we offer will improve your flexibility, increase vitality, ease pain, and promote circulation, while offering a fully relaxing experience.

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